Siemens Healthineers has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the Somatom Confidence RT Pro CT scanner, which offers features dedicated to radiation therapy (RT) planning. Together with a new version of the company’s optional syngo.via RT Image Suite software, the Somatom Confidence RT Pro helps customers achieve personalized scans.

Taking into account the trend toward more advanced treatment techniques where precision is critical to high-quality care, the Somatom Confidence RT Pro enables personalized scans by delivering images that are optimized for both contouring and dose calculation.

No longer limited to 120 kV tube voltage, radiation oncology professionals can now, through the Somatom Confidence RT Pro and its new DirectDensity technology, provide personalized imaging for each RT patient.

What’s more, the Somatom Confidence RT Pro features the DirectDensity algorithm, which can be used to reconstruct images where values can be interpreted as showing relative electron density at any given kV setting. And thanks to iMAR metal artifact reduction, task-based automated kV settings with Care kV, and a detector that enhances image quality and dual-energy performance, the Somatom Confidence RT Pro can facilitate personalization.

Additionally, Siemens Healthineers’ new syngo.via RT Image Suite software complements the Somatom Confidence RT Pro by providing radiation oncology professionals with integrated image assessment, contouring, and patient marking features. syngo.via RT Image Suite further helps users open new clinical avenues, potentially enabling them to consume studies such as multi-parametric MR images, dual-energy and perfusion CT images, and 4D PET/CT images, among others.

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