Los Angeles-based United Medical Imaging Healthcare (UMIH) recently upgraded to Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform to deliver enterprise imaging and vendor-neutral archiving and added Carestream’s Vue Motion enterprise viewer module to enhance access to imaging studies.

UMIH, which has grown rapidly, now includes 22 facilities that perform MR, CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, mammography, PET-CT and other diagnostic imaging services. The organization captures and manages more than 400,000 imaging exams a year.

“We purchased Carestream’s RIS and PACS five years ago when we were a much smaller organization. Carestream has tailored and customized its new Clinical Collaboration Platform to address all the needs of our workflow—from image capture and reading to the delivery of final reports to our extensive multi-county network of referring physicians,” says Nasser Hiekali, CEO of UMIH Management Company.

He adds that Carestream’s fully featured Vue Motion enterprise viewer offers convenient access to a patient’s clinical history including images, videos, waveforms and reports from FDA-approved mobile devices.

Currently more than 4,000 physician practices have secure access to patient imaging data and radiology reports using Carestream’s enterprise viewer. “Empowering physicians with multiple options for rapid and secure access to patient imaging data creates opportunities to expedite treatment decisions and ultimately enhance patient care outcomes,” according to Hiekali.

Planned future projects include achieving patient engagement in the process of digital scheduling and confirmation of their appointments. Data from Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform also will be integrated with the company’s billing software using HL7 and other interfaces.