Biotronik has launched Solia S ProMRI, the smallest MR conditional pacing lead in the United States. Available in 45 cm, 53 cm and 60 cm sizes, Solia is designed to reduce friction and enable easier introduction through small vessels and complex anatomy. Solia, which features a polyurethane coating over silicone, has a soft distal segment to minimize myocardial trauma.Biotronik

“Because there is a wide range of patient anatomy types, it’s necessary to have various lead lengths to ensure the best outcomes,” says Ulrika Birgersdotter-Green, MD, director of pacemaker and implantable cardioverter defibrillator services at University of California, San Diego Health. “There have been, however, limitations in the variety of leads available, so this new technology will offer a more versatile lead and improve procedures.”

Solia received FDA approval earlier this month, based on data from a clinical study. That study enrolled 1,758 patients at 60 U.S. sites with 3,220 implanted Solia leads.

“We invest significantly in innovation, but never at the expense of safety or reliability,” says Biotronik President Marlou Janssen. “Biotronik enrolls more patients in lead studies than any other global CRM device company. We make this investment because physicians and patients deserve that level of confidence.”

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