Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando, Fla, has installed the Siemens’ Luminos Agile fluoroscopy and radiography system, becoming the first health care facility to have the system. The Luminos Agile is a patient-side controlled system with flat-panel detector technology, a height-adjustable table, and dual-use capability for fluoroscopy and radiography.

The Luminos Agile offers a 17’’ x 17’’ flat-panel detector, which produces images that are up to 117% larger coverage than a 13-inch image intensifier. The Agile’s table height is the lowest in the industry for a patient-side system, adjusting from 25 to 44 inches. With its horizontal and vertical transfer positions, the system accommodates a wide range of patients, including children and those with mobility challenges. The system also features a 600 lbs weight capacity and 24” wide opening.

Fully synchronized fluoroscopy and radiography capability is available on the Agile by incorporating the Siemens Ysio digital radiography option.