At the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Biodex Medical Systems Inc, based in Shirley, NY, highlighted the latest enhancements to its line of surgical C-arm tables, including unique motion capabilities intended to enhance quality in medical imaging.

The Biodex surgical C-arm table 840 is a stable, accessible, and vibration-free fluoroscopic table designed to keep a patient at exactly the right position and angle for a cardiovascular procedure. Features such as a stainless steel base, larger radiolucent area, exclusive SmoothGlide movement, and more finite controls have been added to the table design to help ensure a clear image. Isocentric lateral roll motion maintains the image center during tabletop motion, minimizing image distortion.

“We were very excited to bring this line of tables to market,” says Rich Schubert, senior product sales manager for medical imaging at Biodex. “Our goal is always to improve the imaging process for our customers and their patients. That’s what these new enhancements are all about.”