Health Level Inc has announced that the Veterans Health Administration National Teleradiology Program (VA-NTP) will deploy its critical case management platform to all VA-NTP customers, providing rapid turnaround on STAT exams and efficient case management for United States veterans. VA-NTP currently has 80 medical center customers nationwide.

With a new analytics-driven workflow developed by Health Level, the tool allows VA-NTP radiology staff to coordinate across time zones with physicians and staff and ensure information continuity across shift transitions. The Foundations Health Level platform supporting the case management solution allows VA-NTP to integrate multiple applications.

“This milestone is the fruition of a true partnership between the VA and Health Level that has delivered an excellent return on investment,” says Parag Paranjpe, CEO of Health Level. “We are pleased to see the VA-NTP benefit from the continued and expanded use of our analytics platform.”

For more information, visit Health Level.