The AlarmNavigator software solution from Excel Medical Electronics (EME), Jupiter, Fla, was introduced last year as an administrative tool that allows hospitals to assess their current alarm management environment and establish a baseline from which to make changes. The Sextant program now provides a no-cost trial period for hospitals to collect alarm data from their Philips and GE patient monitoring networks to help identify which alarms are occurring, the frequency and duration of each alarm type, and when and where they occur. Users can also validate alarms by accessing the unique physiological waveforms associated with each alarm, made available in the AlarmNavigator system.

“AlarmNavigator is a unique web-based application that is fully scalable, allowing hospitals of any size to identify and quantify their alarm conditions and to generate meaningful reports that enable evidence-based decision making when approaching the clinical alarm challenge,” said John Hoffman, president of EME. “It enables hospitals to harvest already available alarm data from patient monitoring systems by utilizing a software-only solution that leverages existing hospital IT infrastructure.”

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