Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Kalare radiography and fluoroscopy digital X-ray system, with dynamic flat panel detector (FPD), is designed to better protect both clinicians and patients from scatter radiation exposure during X-ray exams while simultaneously producing the highest-quality imaging. The new system was recently approved by the FDA.

The system’s enclosed table design may reduce scatter radiation by up to 95%, according to Toshiba. A 17-square-inch size provides quality images edge-to-edge without an increase in dosage, while also helping reduce panning time and eliminating periphery image distortion, leading to higher image quality and better diagnoses.

“Adding an FPD to the Kalare enables clinicians to obtain more information from the images faster, resulting in quicker, more accurate patient diagnoses,” said David Sloop, director, X-ray Vascular Business Unit, Toshiba. “But beyond the clinical benefits, this technology offers these improvements in conjunction with a far safer environment for both patient and provider.”