Newtown, Pa.-based CenTrak announced its expansion into end-to-end locating, sensing, and security services for the healthcare industry. CenTrak now offers an enterprise-ready platform consisting of its award-winning suite of hardware products and a growing list of software solutions, integrated through a series of strategic acquisitions since 2018.

By bringing hardware and software solutions under one roof, the company will create a more seamless implementation process, improve the user experience, enable the collection of real-time data to drive automated workflows, and power evidence-based decision making to drive down operational costs.

“We’re excited to usher in a new era for CenTrak. Our goal is to offer a ‘one stop shop,’ to make it easier for customers to do business with us, while opening up new growth opportunities and laying the foundation for further innovation,” says David Minning, president and chief executive officer of CenTrak. “As we look to the future, CenTrak’s evolution enables us to push beyond our previous capabilities and set a new standard for location services in healthcare.” 

A market leader in location-based healthcare devices since 2007, CenTrak began offering asset management, patient flow, and environmental monitoring software shortly after Halma PLC, CenTrak’s parent company, purchased Cetani in 2019. The Cetani integration is part of a larger vision for the future of CenTrak, which also added indoor mapping capabilities with the acquisition of Spreo and security applications with the acquisition of Elpas Solutions Ltd.

“Cetani and CenTrak were close partners for many years, and the Cetani team was thrilled to officially join CenTrak to create a comprehensive solution as well as consolidated technical support for our customers,” says Rich McGillicuddy, Cetani co-founder and former CEO. “I’m proud of how our teams have come together over the past year to make it easier for healthcare leaders to transform their facilities using location technology.”

CenTrak will soon launch a variety of managed services to equip healthcare clients with the processes they need to ensure the success of their location investments; the company also plans to maintain an open platform to support customers who opt to work with third-party software providers.