Patented reflector technology has enabled Simeon Medical, Tuttlingen, Germany, to create the first LED surgical lighting with natural white LED’s that provide maximum lighting intensity of 160,000 lux using less than 90 watts of power. While the unique arrangement of the LEDs provides more light, without shadows, for ideal lighting conditions in most any operating room situation.

The company’s lighting solutions are exclusively marketed and distributed in the United States by Fitchburg, Mass.-based Image Diagnostics Inc.

After being customized to an OR’s individual needs, and following installation, the surgical lighting systems’ innovative module format allows for easy onsite reconfiguration, replacement, and repair, minimizing interruption and reducing costs during the products’ lifespans.

Each LED bulb can also be replaced without disassembling the light head, which is installed with a seamless, lightweight, and flexible ceiling supply unit for easy mounting and configuration. For long-term, optimum light transmittance, Simeon Medical’s surgical lighting solutions also are outfitted with SSG safety glass, which is an easy-to-clean, scratch-proof surface that won’t yellow over time unlike the plastic surfaces often used in other lighting products.

“We’re proud to partner with Simeon Medical to provide our customers with the highest quality surgical lighting available,” says Remo Rossi, president of Image Diagnostics Inc. “As with all of our products, we strive to offer the most innovative and efficient OR solutions with adaptability to present and future OR needs in mind. Simeon is the perfect match for us to continue with that mission.”

In addition to marketing and distributing Simeon Medical lighting solutions, Image Diagnostics, founded in 1986, manufacturers specialized equipment and accessories for surgical and diagnostic imaging applications at the company’s 38,000-square-foot facility. Their mobile equipment solutions for these applications, including C-arm compatible tables and mobile video display systems, are sold to hospitals and surgery centers worldwide. All of the company’s products are CE marked and ETL listed to applicable UL, CSA, and IEC standards.

In recognition of the groundbreaking innovation and reliability of the Sim.POD design and overall quality, Image Diagnostics is offering an unprecedented 10-year warranty for all Simeon Medical lighting products purchased in the US throughout 2018.

“With Simeon Medical, you’ve got a revolutionary lighting system that is unmatched in innovation and quality designed to last, but to also be repaired, maintained, and reconfigured in the quickest most efficient way possible,” says Rick Long, director of surgical solutions for Image Diagnostics.

Overall benefits of Simeon Medical’s surgical lighting solutions:

  • Patented Sim.POD reflector design for shadow-free LED lighting
  • Minimized heat and power consumption through highly-effective design for thermal transfer and convection, utilizing aluminum and glass
  • Scratch-proof safety glass for the added longevity of the product
  • Optimal light transmittance with no plastic effect
  • An antibacterial coating on easy to clean glass for optimal environmental hygiene
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver for smooth positioning
  • Unique light-head design allows positioning of lights directly over the surgical field virtually without a gap
  • Service and maintenance-friendly with upgradeable software
  • Accessories such as wireless cameras and monitor-mounting arms
  • 10-Year Warranty offered by Image Diagnostics throughout 2018 on Simeon Medical lighting solutions purchased in the US.

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Pictured: Simeon Medical’s Sim.LED 7000MC and 5000MC Lights