In a press release published on June 18, Pittsburgh-based TeleTracking Technologies announced a collaboration with GE Healthcare to offer TeleTracking’s patient flow solution to users of GE’s proprietary patient flow system. According to the announcement, the collaboration will allow GE to focus on its asset and workforce optimization systems while taking advantage of TeleTracking’s patient flow system and operational platform.

The two companies will work together “to transition all interested clients currently on GE patient flow solutions to suitable TeleTracking solutions.” They will also work with hospital clients to increase the efficiency of their operations through collection and analysis of shared data. According to TeleTracking, the collaboration with GE will offer larger data sets from multiple technology sources, including, among others, asset management, hand-hygiene compliance monitoring, bed and patient tracking, and staff scheduling. The collaboration is also intended to advance both companies’ strengths in real-time location enablement.

“TeleTracking and GE Healthcare have long led the development of technologies that improve hospital operations,” said TeleTracking President Michael Gallup. “This alliance supports our strong commitment to integration with all like-minded healthcare IT leaders, for the betterment of patient care.”

“We look forward to advancing the shared aim of both companies to improve healthcare delivery by improving hospital operations and reducing unsustainable wasteful spending in our industry,” said Joe Shrawder, CEO, GE Healthcare Global Services.