Medical device manufacturer EarlySense, Waltham, Mass, announced on January 8 that the FDA had cleared its EarlySense 2.0 bedside monitor for sale. The device provides continuous measurement of respiration rate, heart rate and motion, in an automatic and contact-free manner.

The system assists clinicians in identifying and preventing potential adverse events by reporting motion rates and bed exit alarms. The aim is to help reduce falls and pressure ulcers, as well as to provide surveillance of heart and respiratory.

In the same announcement, EarlySense stated that it also will be increasing it focus on quality assurance tools and benchmark analysis reports “to provide sophisticated management tools that will allow hospital leaders to set quality goals, measure their results, drive staff behavior towards improvement, and achieve their objectives.”

As an example, the company noted that “providing the capabilities to measure staff response times to bed exit alerts, and then reviewing reports with staff has allowed several institutions to improve their response times, and thus reduce fall rates.”

For more about the monitor, visit the EarlySense website.