At 24×7 we are always interested in hearing your comments to posted blog topics. We’re also interested in your best practices on topics we haven’t covered, as well as questions on your search for answers to be more efficient. Veteran biomed Victor Sarmiento, had some questions about electrical leakage measurements. Here’s what he said:

“Through the years of sustained improvements in medical instrumentation designs, what do your readers feel, or what are their opinions on continuously conducting a regular electrical leakage measurement, a program normally undertaken by their respective biomed department? Most departments are doing this religiously year-in and year-out, in guise, or to justify that by doing so it ‘enhances patient safety.’ ” He added that as a result departments “allocate enormous amounts of time and manpower towards its implementation.”

Then he asks: “Can any justify the need for it to be done only during the first initial inspection and maybe every five years thereafter or after a major repair was done on the device? Do they really need to be done on a regular basis? Does it really help improve patient safety? What are your thoughts on this topic?”

We’ll all be looking forward to your comments and thanks!

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