Tools MedradTrusource
Ultrasound Transducer Testing Device

The TruSource ultrasound transducer testing device from Medrad, now Bayer HealthCare Services, Warrendale, Pa, evaluates the integrity of transducer array elements. By capturing element-by-element performance in real time, TruSource provides a precise diagnosis of transducer performance to enable users in repair and replacement decision-making. TruSource performs live stress testing and performance monitoring with video capture, allowing the Medrad service technicians to record issues and send them to customers in a diagnostic assessment. This feature uncovers intermittent failures that could easily be missed utilizing a test method that only provides a snapshot of performance in time. TruSource testing is only available through Medrad Service/Bayer HealthCare Services. Customers will receive a detailed diagnostic assessment, powered by TruSource when available, at no additional cost. (412) 767-2400;

Tools PronkFlowTrax-in-Hand
Infusion Pump Analyzer

Pronk Technologies, Sun Valley, Calif, has launched FlowTrax, a palm-sized, multifunction infusion pump analyzer. Significant technological advances reduce the testing time for servicing and maintaining infusion devices. FlowTrax’s patent-pending flow tracking technology allows users to test infusion pumps for flow rate and volume performance in 3 minutes or less with a 1% accuracy. FlowTrax also includes a full-featured pressure meter enabling faster occlusion testing and user control of back pressure, with a range of -12.5 to + 75 PSI and accuracy of 0.5%. FlowTrax has an integrated digital stopwatch that automatically synchronizes with the start and end of flow/volume tests, while a trend screen stores test data at 1-minute intervals. FlowTrax includes a temperature meter, making it a four-in-one test device, eliminating the need to carry a separate IV pump analyzer, pressure meter, temperature meter, and stopwatch. (800) 609-9802;

Tools Eaton9PX 5-6kVA Rack front
Uninterruptible Power System

Eaton Corp, Raleigh, NC, launched the Eaton 9PX uninterruptible power system for 5- to 11-kilovolt-ampere (kVA) applications. The 9PX has multiple power-management features, including the integrated software solution that enables automatic and transparent live migration of virtual machines, which allows critical workloads to remain up and running in the event of an extended outage. The 9PX offers a bundled network card, software package, and graphical LCD display. Its efficiency is greater than 93%, and it is Energy Star certified. Eaton’s ABM technology optimizes battery recharge time, eliminates overcharging, and continuously monitors battery condition to extend battery service life by 5%. (800) 386-1911;

Tools LighthouseImaging EndoLume-with-cable
Endoscopic System Light Meter

EndoLume, the endoscope system light meter from Lighthouse Imaging, Portland, Me, lets users measure all parts of endoscopic illumination systems for all major brands and types. EndoLume identifies the true source of illumination problems by quantitatively measuring the light output of the endoscopic light source, light transmission through fiberoptic light cables, and light transmission through optical fibers in flexible and rigid endoscopes. A portable handheld instrument, EndoLume consists of an integrating sphere and light detector, precision light meter with digital display, and adapters to connect with all endoscopic equipment common in medical institutions. Light values are displayed in lumens, the unit measure of luminous flux, or the total amount of visible light. (855) 771-0759;