MediPines, a global market provider in the development of gas exchange measurements, announced that its FDA-cleared, non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange analyzer, the MediPines AGM100, is now available in Canada.

The MediPines AGM100 is a medical device that delivers a measure of a patient’s oxygen deficit (a non-invasive respiratory impairment severity measurement). The technology provides reliable, discriminative readings that enable real-time decision support for healthcare providers during times of surging respiratory patients and medical staff shortages.

The analyzer will be made available following an agreement with LevoMed Canada Inc., a company focused on providing the Canadian health care market with high quality innovative products.

“As the exclusive Canadian distribution partner of MediPines, we are excited to bring the benefits of the AGM100 to the Canadian healthcare system,” says Madhu Venkat, LevoMed Canada’s CEO. “We’re enthusiastic about the partnership and are keen to support the growing need for effective, quick, and accurate gas exchange monitoring for the Canadian population with the help of the unique AGM100. It is an innovative cardiopulmonary diagnostic support technology, which we see as an important scientific innovation for detecting respiratory impairment non-invasively.”

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the MediPines AGM100 as one of notable innovative health technologies for the treatment of COVID-19 and other global priority diseases in its WHO Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies.

“It’s great to have a group of MedTech veterans such as Madhu, John, Mark, Perry, and William of the LevoMed team spearheading our technology adoption in leading hospitals throughout Canada, especially during this time of increased need,” says MediPines CEO, Steve Lee.

Featured image: MediPines’ AGM100 non-invasive gas exchange analyzer. Photo: MediPines