ReMedPar, Goodlettsville, Tenn, a third-party medical parts provider for imaging and biomedical equipment, reports that it escaped damage from the torrential storms that hit the area over the weekend.

As Nashville recovers from unprecedented flooding from storms that swelled the Cumberland River and tributaries, ReMedPar, located less than 20 miles from Nashville, reports that there was no damage to their 110,000-square-foot facility. It did experience a short-term power outage on Sunday May 3, and restored temporarily down servers on Monday May 4.

“Well wishes from the industry have been overwhelming,” said Ben Hansen, president of ReMedPar. “We’re very relieved. All staff members are safe and back to work and there was no damage to our facility or any inventory.”

ReMedPar advises those who would like to donate to the clean-up efforts in Nashville to contact Hands On Nashville.