Shands, a health system affiliated with the University of Florida Academic Health Center, has successfully implemented the AeroScout real-time location system (RTLS) across three of its facilities.

Shands installed Stanley Healthcare’s RTLS solutions to improve operational efficiency and staff satisfaction by automating asset tracking and temperature monitoring. Initial results from a study in the emergency department include a 98.8% reduction in hours spent searching for missing items and a 99.3% reduction in occurrences of lost items.

Shands originally implemented AeroScout asset management to track approximately 1,000 assets—with a combined value of $1.1 million—across five departments, including the real-time location of workstation on wheels carts from a central command center. Shands also worked with Stanley Healthcare and FieldServer Technologies, an integration provider, to natively integrate AeroScout temperature and humidity Wi-Fi tags with Shands’ building management system to automatically monitor temperature and humidity levels.

Stanley Healthcare Solutions acquired AeroScout in June 2012.