Ekahau Inc, a provider of Wi-Fi-based real-time location systems (RTLS) unveils Ekahau Vision 2.0, a new location analytics platform for hospital administrators, staff, and caregivers.

The Ekahau Vision 2.0 software platform provides clear visibility into hospital workflows, delivering business intelligence from rules based on the movements of assets and people. Vision 2.0 is now available as an upgrade for existing Ekahau customers and as a part of all new Ekahau RTLS deployments.

With Ekahau’s Vision 2.0, hospitals gain better visibility into the location of individual assets and groups of assets so that staff can quickly find equipment and prevent loss, waste, and theft. In addition, it offers two-way communications over Wi-Fi, enabling security teams to instantly locate staff during emergencies.

Vision 2.0 gives hospital administrators reporting tools and dashboard views of workflow patterns across departments including the pharmacy, laboratories, ORs, ERs, and catering.