In an effort to improve service and communication within the medical device industry, PolarSeal developed a new order-tracking platform for medical device companies looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

PolarSeal’s new order-tracking platform allows customers to track the progress of their orders with greater accuracy and convenience, the company says. Customers can now view real-time updates through a secure online portal, ensuring that they always have access to the most current information. This platform provides an efficient way for customers to keep track of their orders and maintain communication from anywhere in the world.

Investment in technology and digitalization is a key focus at PolarSeal, as the company continues to find solutions for their customers. Implementation of such bespoke built platforms have a positive effect on the way medical converters like PolarSeal look to reduce the time to completion of an order through automation.

PolarSeal’s custom-built digital platform aims to simplify the complex ordering and project management process of flexible material conversion and medical device contract manufacturing.

“The implementation of digital technology has played an integral role in the development and growth for most businesses today. At PolarSeal, we have invested heavily in custom-built software to raise the bar when providing medical device companies with the service and transparency required for the converting and contract manufacturing industry,” says PolarSeal Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Manager Shaun Kemp. “We hope this platform sheds light on the importance of automation no matter the industry you are in, and we encourage the market to innovate.”

PolarSeal’s new medical device order-tracking platform’s features include:

  • Notifications and order updates
  • Account overview
  • Historical order records
  • Real-time visual timeline tracking of orders
  • Component lists and
  • Communication features

This system will allow for improved organization and communication and a reduction in manual processes for medical device companies, the company says.