Meir Medical Center presented a technology project for asset tracking using Ultra WideBand technology at the Clalit Quality and Innovation Conference. As part of the project, IntraPositionTerraLab portfolio company, developed a smart AirTag-like system for medical devices.

At the Meir Medical Center, part of the Clalit Health System, there are thousands of portable medical devices around the facility. The system allows real-time control and monitoring and provides reliable information regarding the location of the medical devices, their status, and the maintenance required per device.

Continuous monitoring of those thousands of medical devices results in a significant improvement in operational and economic efficiency and the ability of the staff to continue providing quality care while maintaining patient safety.

“Operational efficiency is critical for us,” says Reut Geller, CIO at Meir Medical Center. “We see great importance in adopting innovation processes that are adapted and integrated into the daily tasks of the teams and help them provide optimal care to our patients. We work in full cooperation with IntraPosition, providing a solution tailored for our needs.”

The technology includes tags attached to the medical devices and location sensors as infrastructure. The system tracks the location of the assets in real-time. IntraPosition’s dashboard lets users view the real-time location, perform a simple search, conduct usage reports, search history, set geo-fencing alerts, and more.

This is an innovative project that combines operational efficiency with financial savings while considering risk management,” says Yaron Shilat, head of logistics at Meir Medical Center. “We can now spend more time treating patients and less searching for medical devices. The success of this project is demonstrated by the enthusiasm of the medical staff using the system. The synergy with IntraPosition led to these excellent results, and we appreciate it.”