In the January issue of 24×7, the article, “The Art of the Deal,” covered negotiating tips to help secure the best prices on device purchases, as well as ideas on how to know what to include in a contract.

For example, Arthur Bartosch, CBET, director of biomedical engineering services, Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, NY, advises that the skill level of in-house personnel will always play a role in what kind of service contract to obtain. Knowing what his techs can and cannot do determines what is mission-critical and what fosters the highest return on investment.

When Bartosch eventually gets to the negotiating table he then makes sure that he is getting everything he needs to fully support the device. Some questions include: What are the hours of coverage? Is glassware included? Is it a 24/7 gold, silver, or platinum contract? After determining all that, it is time to talk about a reasonable price.

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