Welcome once again to our Biomeds’ Best Practices Blog. Thanks to those of you who have commented on the blogs and to those of you who have also sent questions and ideas for us to post. We hope you’ll send more ideas, as this is your blog, designed to help you connect and get great ideas on how to work smarter.

Here’s the latest question that I received from a biomed who is looking for your “best practices”: “How many biomeds have been told, ‘we are dropping the contract on this piece of equipment,’ and then not been given any training on it, but yet you are expected to service it?”

This CBET said it’s an area of concern for most biomed technicians and is part of an ongoing problem of getting more from your employees while giving them more work than they can handle. This biomed says the equipment list keeps growing while the number of technicians to do the work keeps dropping. Any suggestions on how to cope with this? How do you get the training you need? We hope you’ll share your comments and ideas—thanks!

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