The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency has its medical maintenance experts receive consistent education and training of medical equipment that get brought to the field, a process inherent of any new critical technologies that become introduced to them.

Eight technicians — two each from USAMMA’s three Medical Maintenance Operations Divisions, or MMODs, as well as two more stationed at Sierra Army Depot — traveled to Reno in early November to take part in manufacturer training on the new “transport” ventilator. The unit combines the functionality of an ICU ventilator in a compact and rugged package needed in the field.

The training helps technicians build familiarity with the product’s maintenance and repair procedures to ensure a high level of readiness support for Soldiers.

“Readiness is our first priority, and we achieve it by having technicians fully trained to the manufacturer’s service standards,” said Jose Vasquez, director of the MMOD-Hill, located at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

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