The Innovation Institute, along with Tech Knowledge Associates (TKA), its subsidiary specializing in full-risk healthcare technology management, announces the formation of American Medical Imaging (AMI) from six medical imaging technology sales and service companies across the continental U.S. The new AMI partnership of experienced imaging technology firms was brought together to deliver the entire spectrum of sales, repair, and maintenance solutions to healthcare facilities nationwide.  

Steve Cannon, who was instrumental in bringing together the six foundational companies that formed AMI, will serve as AMI’s president and CEO. Cannon has a long career in healthcare, offering more than 40 years of experience in the healthcare technology and asset management industry. 

He has held senior leadership roles with SunHealth and the national GPO Premier, and served as the inaugural president at the new AllParts Medical in 2009. Cannon has also held executive leadership positions at Aramark, Philips Healthcare, and Sodexo. In late 2020, he took the helm of the asset management firm, Healthcare Technology Group.

The AMI partnership was founded on the aggregation of medical imaging technology sales and service companies in varied geographies, with presence in 16 states. By building on The Innovation Institute’s business model, and with the immediate breadth of service from the six foundational companies, AMI will bring customized technology solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes and needs.  

“With the experience and strength of our multi-regional presence, AMI is able to offer a spectrum of high-quality services—from equipment sales, to maintenance and repair, to installation and removal, to IT solutions such as PACS,” Cannon says. “And we can do so with greater efficiency and at a lower cost to the healthcare providers we serve.”  

Cannon adds that for AMI, the initial growth phase has not yet ended. “We plan to expand to even greater national coverage in the coming months, with the addition of several new companies to the AMI partnership,” he says. “Our vision is that 2021 will be a banner year for us in the improvement of medical imaging technology service delivery, with reach across the majority of the United States.”