Charlotte, N.C.-based EQ2, LLC and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LA County DHS) announce that EQ2’s HEMS CMMS has been installed at all LA County Hospitals and Health Centers. The HEMS software will enable LA County DHS biomed, facilities, and supply chain operations departments to document and monitor key aspects of equipment and facility systems, including procurement, receiving, service contracts, maintenance, repair, and to conduct inventories. 

QRS Solutions, which provides precision calibrations and metrology services and equipment, assisted EQ2 in providing service during installation and going forward for ongoing support.

Vishal Malhotra, chief technology officer at EQ2, spoke out about the HEMS software, telling 24×7 exclusively: “Hospitals are often looking to reduce expenses. Paradoxically, new regulatory compliance requirements mean that the HTM department actually has more work to do. In the past, there was compliance flexibility (90% to 95%) for monthly preventative maintenance work for non-life (now known as ‘non-high risk’) support devices.”

He adds: “Now, the devices covered under ‘high risk’ has increased, and both high and low risk require 100% compliance. EQ2’s HEMS CMMS, for instance, permits work not completed due to different, albeit valid, reasons—such as ‘unable to locate,’ ‘device in use,’ etc.—to be recorded as compliant.”