EQ2, LLC announces that its HEMS computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is now installed and operational in 26 Baylor Scott & White Health hospitals in Texas. Specifically, the software helps Baylor Scott & White’s biomed, facilities, and environmental services departments manage their daily workflows, compliance activities, and stock management for facilities and medical devices. 

Last year, Rich Sable, CBET, EQ2’s product manager, spoke out about the company’s HEMS product in a 24×7 roundtable about the CMMS segment. He also talked about the barriers to CMMS implementation, stating: “Some common barriers are related to costs and limited resources within a healthcare organization’s IT department. Additional barriers are poor data quality and lack of key pieces of information, such as purchase date or purchase price, as these metrics adversely affect dashboards or reports.”

Sable added: “EQ2 helps our customers address the cost concern by using a scalable/modular CMMS solution called HEMS. This way, customers can start with a basic system and add other modules later without service interruption, which allows them to budget the system over several years as opposed to a large, one-time purchase.”