New York-based healthcare cybersecurity provider CyberMDX announces that the company has been identified in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Hybrid Infrastructure Services, 2021 and listed as a sample vendor in the IoT security category. According to Gartner, “hybrid infrastructure services remain highly focused around cloud and IT services, with growing complexity and change.”

The report states: “IoT proliferation is occurring across all industries and use cases, creating “greenfield” cyber-physical systems (CPS) in addition to brownfield CPS emerging via IT/operational technology integration. This inherently and substantially increases technology security risks overall.”

Moreover, the report highlights that “IoT security addresses software, hardware, network, and data protection for vendors bringing IoT solutions to market, as well as end users using them.”

CyberMDX’s Healthcare Security Suite provides endpoint visibility, network threat prevention, and operational analytics to any connected medical, Internet of Medical Things, or Internet of Things (IoT) device.

“In our opinion, inclusion in this Hype Cycle further validates CyberMDX’s work in the world of IoT security to support their customers in the healthcare industry to secure their networks, and critical IoT assets,” CyberMDX officials say.

Azi Cohen, CEO of CyberMDX, adds: “We’re excited to be listed and recognized by Gartner for hybrid infrastructure. It’s important to provide our customers with hybrid options that also leverage best-in-class cloud providers.”