Quality training is essential for the biomedical profession, but it’s often hard to find, according to officials at St. Charles, Mo.-based BC Group. However, BC Group is now endorsing and recommending a new option for the industry.

Dale Munson, a prolific training instructor in the biomedical community, has launched his own business: Biomed Support Services. Biomed Support Services strives to build technical competence in biomedical technicians and clinical engineers.

Biomed Support Services include creating simple-as-possible training materials, presenting customized courses, recommending process improvements, and performing a variety of technical support functions ( i.e., calibrations, output verifications, PMs, etc.).

Moreover, Biomed Support Services has more than 40 years of experience in designing and developing technical training materials. The primary objective at Biomed Support Services is to improve job performance so hospitals can keep their medical equipment reliable, safe, and available for use. By maximizing equipment uptime, hospitals can extend the useful life of their equipment and reduce the total cost of equipment ownership.

Biomed Support Services’ training curriculum includes:

  • Principles of Electrosurgery
  • LigaSureTM Vessel Sealing Generator
  • Force FXTM –C Electrosurgical Generator C
  • Force EZTM Electrosurgical Generator
  • ForceTriadTM Energy Platform
  • ValleylabTM FT10 FT Series Energy Platform
  • Getting the most from a BC Group ESU-2400