Nonin Medical Inc, Minneapolis, the inventor of finger pulse oximeters and a provider of noninvasive medical monitoring, announces that its EQUANOX advance cerebral/somatic oximetry system has been selected for use by five university-based pediatric hospitals in Poland.

EQUANOX is a near infrared spectroscopy-based monitoring device that noninvasively and continuously detects oxygen saturation status in the brain and other tissue. The device allows clinicians to quickly react to reverse harmful tissue ischemia events before they become critical.

“We are pleased that Polish health care officials value accuracy and ease-of-use in selecting a cerebral and somatic oximetry system for their pediatric hospitals,” said Kevin McGowan, VP of sales for Nonin Medical. “Some older generations of cerebral and somatic oximetry systems require clinicians to enter the patients’ age and weight to compensate for the variability in pediatric cerebral tissue. The EQUANOX system does not require patient data to be entered because of Dynamic Compensation, an algorithm, which allows the system to automatically account for developing neonatal and pediatric brain tissue. Together with our dual emitter and dual detector sensor architecture that produces extremely accurate measurements, the EQUANOX system is a clear choice.”