Oftentimes, in conversations I have with members of this profession I hear you do not believe your administration or facility give you the recognition you deserve. This belief comes through loud and clear in open comments in our annual compensation survey too. At 24×7, we would like to provide a way to showcase your talents through our new program, the Best of 2011 recognition program. You can nominate anyone you believe deserves it, and you can also nominate yourself.

You work hard and the work you do makes a difference with clinicians, the patients, and your facility as a whole. Let us know who you would like to see honored. Click here for more information and for access to the nomination form. It doesn’t cost anything, just a few minutes of your time. We need all submissions by June 3 and we will publish results in the October 2011 issue.

Recognizing employee efforts goes a long way toward employee morale and more productivity—fill out your nomination today and be sure to tell your colleagues.

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