Biomed technician Larry Walsh of Provena St Mary’s Hospital in Kankakee, Ill, wrote to me after reading our September cover article about biomeds helping medical teams abroad. Our May “Focus On” section also highlighted mission work.

Here’s what Larry said: “I was reading articles in 24×7 about mission trips and the organizations sponsoring them. We have two biomeds in our shop and both of us have taken mission trips. I went to Fond des Blanc, Haiti, and my co-worker went to India. We have gone through the TriMedx Foundation, Indianapolis, which is a very helpful and caring organization. It was a very rewarding experience and both of us are willing to do more. TriMedx Foundation also sponsors mission trips in the US. They sponsor time in their shop in Indianapolis repairing equipment going to missions. I have also gone to Minneapolis on a mission trip to repair equipment going to Africa. Tim Moss and Gloria Brocksmith do a great job of coordinating all of this.”

Have you taken a mission trip and been able to get sponsorship from your employer —either with paid time off or help with expenses? Share your tips on how to gain support from your employer.




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