Masimo, Irvine, Calif, announces findings from a new study showing its Rainbow SET pulse co-oximetry and Patient SafetyNet helps improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care in critical care settings.
A team of clinicans at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center performed the year-long implementation study. Clinical data tracked by Dr George T. Blike, medical director of patient safety, and his team shows a 70% reduction in rescue calls and a 48% reduction in ICU transfers post-implementation.
Masimo’s Patient SafetyNet system provides clinicians with an accurate, actionable alarm notification whenever a patient’s physiologic parameters deteriorate.
The study also found that the reduction in ICU transfers helped to free up an estimated 163 ICU-days annually for its 36-bed post-surgical unit.
A timely response can also contribute to cost savings, according to the study. The cost of care for patients undergoing certain operations who did not deteriorate to the point of rescue was 60% less than the cost of care for patients who did.