AirLock389 Inc., Lewes, Del., is entering the global air purification market with its patented purification technology backed by over 30 years of research and development for NASA and the U.S. military. Airlock’s purification media, available in a mask and applicable to larger scale air purification systems, can capture and deactivate pathogens, including viruses, up to the limits of detection (>99.99926% filtration viral efficiency).

Founded and led by Chief Science Officer and CEO Christopher H. Cooper, AirLock389 Inc. is focused on developing products using its Airlock Anti-Pathogen Purification Technology, an air purification media capable of removing airborne pathogens and contaminants, including weapons-grade biological and chemical agents. 

The Airlock Anti-Pathogen Purification-based products are the latest in a long line of Cooper’s patented technology. The Airlock Anti-Pathogen Purification Component is the basis for Airlock389’s current technology. Its first commercial application is the Airlock AV100 Reusable Mask, engineered to provide long-lasting comfort and breathability while protecting users from the COVID-19-causing coronavirus and other airborne pathogens.

The Airlock Anti-Pathogen Purification Component’s conductive mesocarbon polymer composite material continuously captures and deactivates viruses and other pathogens without the use of chemicals, and may be applied to larger scale air purification systems for buildings.

For Cooper, it’s all about the science and users’ safety, “Never in modern history have viruses and other airborne pathogens and contaminants posed such a widespread threat to humanity. Through our technology, Airlock’s goal is to provide the public with the highest level of active protection against these contaminants,” he says.

Airlock389 is currently seeking regulatory approval around the world for the Airlock AV100 Reusable Mask and the AV-100PC Purification Component.