Pall Corp., Port Washington, N.Y., was selected by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to receive a $4.9 million contract to build a new breathing filter manufacturing line within an existing U.S.-based Pall manufacturing facility to increase ventilator filter production. When the new line opens in the fall of 2021, Pall’s ventilator filter production capacity will increase from 485,000 units per month to 650,000 units per month—allowing Pall to help meet the growing demand in the United States for ventilator filters driven by COVID-19. 

The grant is the result of a partnership between the DoD and the Department of Health and Human Services to determine how to increase domestic ventilator critical component suppliers’ capacity. Pall Corporation was selected due to its long history as a filtration market leader and its reputation for quality. 

“We are proud Pall was awarded this DoD contract, which allows us to increase the production of ventilator filters to help protect patients and give healthcare workers the equipment needed in a pandemic situation,” says Jennifer Honeycutt, president of Pall Corporation and Danaher Group executive.