A Florida-based hospital system experienced a data breach that affected 1,357,879 people, and released a notice notifying those who were exposed in the breach that they are now vulnerable to medical identity theft.

In a statement on Saturday, the Florida hospital system said that in addition to names, addresses and phone numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account information and medical history data was included in the breach.  

Insurance account information, driver’s license numbers, email addresses and treatments received were also included. The hospital system said it waited months to notify victims because the Department of Justice told them to hold off on sending out breach notification letters. 

“On October 15, 2021, an intruder gained entry to the Broward Health network through the office of a third-party medical provider permitted to access the system to provide healthcare services. Broward Health discovered the intrusion on October 19, 2021, and promptly contained the incident, notified the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), required a password reset for all employees and engaged an independent cybersecurity firm to conduct an investigation,” the hospital explained.

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