Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) security provider Cynerio has launched Cynerio Now!, a technology designed to safeguard small and rural hospitals’ medical IoT devices.

Cyberattacks on the healthcare industry have reportedly increased over the last 18 months, with small hospitals among the most at-risk due to limited technical, human, and financial resources to combat cyberthreats.

“Small hospitals face unique challenges—often with limited IT budgets and staff—but they are still expected to provide the same level of patient care, security, and compliance as larger hospitals and health systems,” says Leon Lerman, CEO and co-founder of Cynerio.

Cynerio Now! Works to reduce short- and long-term risks from ransomware, breaches, and threats to patient safety from IoT and operational technology medical device risks. Cynerio Now! offers two subscription options: basic subscription and TAM (technical account manager) support.

With this new technology, Cynerio says it is pushing forward its mission to empower healthcare facilities with the control, foresight, and adaptability to maintain security and compliance.