ECRI Institute announces the release of ValuVu™, a product evaluation workflow application that integrates ECRI Institute’s clinical evidence analysis, safety, and pricing data into one platform. The system helps streamline decision-making for healthcare supply chain, hospital value analysis, capital budget, and other medical technology and clinical teams.

ValuVu is designed to help clinicians, value analysis coordinators, and supply chain leaders manage multiple projects faster, make more informed product decisions, and improve patient outcomes.

“More than just an automated workflow, ValuVu places trusted, unbiased evidence analysis and guidance from The Evidence Bar™ at a hospital’s fingertips to inform decisions and improve patient outcomes,” says Diane Robertson, director, health technology assessment, ECRI Institute.

The tool integrates ECRI Institute’s proprietary research, including:

  • Clinical evidence and outcomes on medical products and technologies
  • Accurate price benchmarks on supplies and capital equipment
  • Third-party coverage information
  • Unbiased functionally equivalent supply alternatives

The new workflow software captures all external and internal documentation related to a product evaluation or other project in one shared platform that key stakeholders can access anytime from anywhere. They can vet products, run trials, vote, and document results before making an important product decision.