Julie Kirst, Editor

We are becoming more interactive. Through blogging, social networking, and e-mail, 24×7 offers many ways to communicate.

For instance, within the last couple of months I have received e-mails from readers suggesting that I take a look at the talented female biomeds who make up the profession. A couple of posts on the Biomedtalk listserv sparked most of the e-mails, and overall it sounds like a good idea to me. So, maybe I should call this “calling all women and their supporters,” because I’m depending on all of you to let me know about yourself (if you’re a woman in the profession), or about women you work with, or have worked with, who deserve some recognition.

We have featured a few women on our covers, but 24×7 would like to do a feature that highlights the varied work environments and challenges of the women working in the field. These days, there’s no question that more BMETs and CEs are needed, so hearing a woman’s perspective on why she chose this field can provide new insights into how to recruit more men and women into the field.

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A new venture will come in August when we present a Podcast on Benchmarking. The three-part series will air in August—stay tuned for the dates—and will introduce you to benchmarking, provide guidelines on what data to collect, and then offer tips on how to use the information you track.

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Julie Kirst