Battelle, a science and technology enterprise, has acquired the Healthcare Colloquium, formerly the Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium. Both organizations are based in Columbus. Founded by Tony Joseph and guided by its member hospitals, the Colloquium is committed to improvements in healthcare quality. The acquisition, finalized on January 2, will integrate Battelle’s experience with large-scale analytics to further the Colloquium’s goals.

“Healthcare today is in the 20th century,” said Joseph, who will serve as the new subsidiary’s chief strategic officer. “The Colloquium is moving it into the 21st century. We’ve had limited resources but with some big successes. In order to have more impact, we needed the kind of expertise and resources Battelle brings to the table.”

Battelle says it will use its background in statistics and predictive analyses to identify operational inefficiencies in the healthcare system, remaining consistent with the Colloquium’s foundational mission. “We believe strongly in what the Colloquium does,” says Robert Wilkins, a Battelle executive and new CEO for the Healthcare Colloquium. “Its mission is to make the healthcare system function better, and that aligns with Battelle’s mission of using science and technology to help humanity. The new organization can make a major impact on process improvement that directly affects patient care.”

For more information, visit the Healthcare Colloquium and Battelle.