The HIMSS mHealth Community has developed an online website focused on how mobile healthcare technology and mobile apps are reshaping patient care. The mHealth Roadmap is aimed at both app developers and healthcare providers.

Topics covered in the Roadmap include new care models (including consumer engagement), privacy and security, return-on-investment and payment, standards and interoperability, and technology (infrastructure, standards and interoperability). Each section of the Roadmap provides brief background on the topic, current state of adoption, and possible future improvements.

“The mHealth Roadmap is a great guide for mobile health as it covers a myriad of areas (reimbursement, IT, security, legal, etc) efficiently and smartly,” said Kevin Lasser, CEO of JEMS Technology LLC. Lasser used the roadmap to review legal and regulatory issues involved with mobile health.

The mHealth Roadmap can be found on the HIMSS website. There is no charge to access it.