Manchester, NH-based MedLok has launched a multifactor authentication system that it says “ensures sensitive medical records and patient data remain completely safe and secure from hackers.” The cloud-based system encrypts user data, fragments, and distributes it across 12 locations around the globe, the company says.

The technology relies on a self-service physical passkey or mobile token for network access. Instead of providing a username and password to gain access, the user connects the physical passkey token to the USB port or NFC reader. Alternatively, it may be connected by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using the passkey, uses can access private networks, web portals, email, and applications without needing username and password pairs. Neither the physical token nor the mobile solution contains any personal data, MedLok says. Rather, the device accesses the encrypted, distributed data on the cloud.

MedLok offers two multifactor products. One provides access to a mobile passkey security token for $1 per user per month; the other offers in addition a full set of physical passkeys and the ability to manage multiple tokens for $3 per user per month.

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