Mindray Medical International Ltd, a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices worldwide, continues its August 8, 2012 voluntary recall affecting the A3/A5 anesthesia delivery system.

Mindray initiated the recall due to the possibility of a system leak resulting from improper seating of the CO2 absorbent canister gasket. To date, approximately 70% of units affected by this action have been corrected. A Mindray service or authorized representative corrects the issue through a replacement of the canister gasket.

Should a system leak occur during use, fresh gas flow may be increased to compensate for any pressure loss resulting from the leak while the absorbent canister is unlocked and locked again to reseat the gasket. If the CO2 absorbent canister gasket is improperly seated, however, a potential leak will likely present itself during the automatic circuit leak and compliance test performed at startup and the manual leak test recommended to be performed before each case, at which time the absorbent canister can be unlocked and locked again to reseat the gasket.

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