Siemens Healthcare has received FDA 510(k) market clearance for the Ysio, a new generation digital radiography (DR) system with a wireless detector (wi-D), geared toward short examination times to improve daily patient throughput.

The Ysio serves as an integrated command center where users can control their workflow from registration to image data management, and features customizable options to suit patient needs, such as the choice between one or two detectors, an optional patient table, and fully automated or synchronized movements.

The wi-D handles like a cassette and can be removed from the table and placed directly underneath or next to the patient for exposures that are difficult or impossible to take using a fixed detector.

Siemens’ Ysio is available in a variety of configurations based on customers imaging needs: as a wall stand with an integrated detector, a wall stand and table system with a wireless detector, or even as a mixed detector solution for high throughput and flexibility.