If you’ve been spending time on the Internet the past few years, you’ve likely run up against the growing influence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help manage our ever-growing personal and professional lives. More recently, however, these same sites are now allowing biomeds to bring their once isolated profession into greater connectivity.

Specifically, biomed associations like the Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society are using interactive sites such as Yahoo to reach out to members about association activities.

Social networking can even give biomeds a single source from which to keep abreast of industry changes. Currently, the FDA/CDRH, AAMI, and even The Joint Commission all provide updates to followers on Twitter.

Recently, we’ve even been hearing about how social networking is being used to help job seekers connect with employers, and vice-versa.

24×7 (not surprisingly on both Facebook and Twitter) is interested in how you’ve used social networking in your job or association. Has it helped busy biomeds save time? Leave a comment and share.

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