On March 18, from 12 pm until 1 pm Eastern, the AAMI Foundation Healthcare Technology Safety Institute (HTSI) will offer a free Webinar, “Alarm Signal Standardization: Learning from the Christiana Care Experience.”

The Webinar is part of the safety innovation series—a collection of white papers, reports, and guides from the HTSI. The series sheds light on how leading health care organizations have solved a particularly tough technology-related safety issue, such as the ongoing problems of clinical alarm systems or infusion systems.

This free Webinar will focus on the development of a systemwide alarm policy. It will also address protocols that defined Christiana Care’s alarm management strategy for alarmed medical equipment, including flex monitors, standard cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, and infusion pumps. Two members of a multidisciplinary task force that developed the alarm policy and protocols will share their experiences.

You can click here to find out more, and you can also register by clicking here.

As hospitals continue to cope with mitigating alarm fatigue, this Webinar can offer tips on how to improve processes.