Vital Signs Simulator

The ProSim 8 vital signs simulator from Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, simultaneously simulates ECG, respiration, temperature, IBP/cardiac catheterization, cardiac output, NIBP, and SpO2. It also has the capability to test Masimo multiwavelength SpO2 Rainbow SET—in physiologically synchronized pulses. Designed to perform most preventive maintenance testing in 5 minutes or less, the simulator offers stay-connected ECG posts for easy/secure ECG snap and lead connections and wireless communication to a laptop. Users can physiologically synchronize pulses across all parameters. Other features include bar code scanning and direct data capture and printing functionality; onboard customizable presets and autosequences; wireless communication for remote PC control of the test device; a LCD color display; and an integrated, easily replaceable long-life battery. Optional PC interface software offers customizable procedures/checklists and automated data capture/storage.

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Electrical Safety Tester

Designed for testing any electrical or medical equipment, including medical equipment with patient leads, the EST-2 electrical safety tester from Clinical Dynamics, Wallingford, Conn, can verify that the equipment meets safety and manufacturer specifications. Lightweight and easy to use, the EST-2 can be used for field service, on a test cart, and for benchtop testing. The outlet tester verifies the wiring of the electrical outlet so the outlet and device can be tested at the same time. It also incorporates a resettable 20 AMP fuse, which eliminates the need to stock and replace traditional fuses, saving on equipment downtime and labor costs. The power outlet can be easily changed if replacement is needed to match each country’s electrical requirements. Other features of the device include leads leakage testing, 85 to 264 Vac input range, an overvoltage protected power input, selectable AAMI or IEC test loads, load current measurement, and an open neutral and open ground test.

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ESU Analyzer

BC Group International Inc, St Charles, Mo, offers the ESU-2400 electrosurgical unit (ESU) analyzer. Some of the newer features of the device include measurement examples and a connection guide in the user’s manual; footswitch triggering in RF measure and leakage screens; autosequence auto advance mode; autosequence auto CQM mode; autosequence save results to PDF files; an RS-232 terminal window in the system tools screen; and PC remote control capability using a USB null modem cable. Using internal precision noninductive test loads in the range of 0 ohms to 6400 ohms—in previously unavailable 1-ohm increments—the ESU-2400 offers hospital end users, ISO field service engineers, and manufacturers compatibility. BC Group has also included the capability to add an external load, guaranteeing 100% test load requirement compatibility. The device is compatible with the latest ESU generator platforms by the major ESU manufacturers. In addition, it displays up to 15 different measurement parameters with user-selectable and definable screens.

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ECG Simulator

With the TechPatient CARDIO ECG simulator, HE Instruments LLC, Lake Worth, Fla, provides a simulator that generates realistic cardiac waveforms. Twelve lead ECG simulation is suitable to test modern diagnostic equipment, including waveform recognition devices. Using the TechPatient simulator, users can also test the noise-filtering systems and beat-rate measurement functions of the diagnostic device under test. To perform noise testing, multiple real-life noise sources are included. You can select between line noise (related to poor ground connections), base line wandering (related to poor electrode conductivity), muscle tremor, power supply noise, and others. The beat rate setup function combines the selection of an arbitrary rate with the addition of beat-to-beat variability, a key performance testing to make sure diagnostic devices operate properly under critical conditions. Other features of the simulator include biopotential multiconnectors, an arrhythmias simulation module, automatic sequencing, and a Neoprene travel holster.

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