With an article in a special supplement distributed in USA Today, AAMI offered its perspective on issues to consider as more healthcare technology moves outside of the hospital, emphasizing the need for standardization, simplicity, and designing with empathy.

This supplement was part of Mediaplanet USA’s Future of Healthcare campaign, which brought together industry leaders to highlight the biggest innovations and issues the healthcare system will face in the coming years.

“As healthcare technology moves outside hospitals and traditional care environments, there are a number of tough questions that need to be answered,” says AAMI President and CEO Robert Jensen. “AAMI is committed to helping find solutions through our standards, education programs, and publications—and we do so with diverse stakeholders, each of whom brings a valuable perspective to these discussions.”

In the article “Keeping Patients in Mind as Healthcare Technology Breaks Free of Hospitals,” Sean Loughlin, AAMI’s vice president of communications, highlighted the five “clarion themes” from a summit the association hosted in collaboration with the U.S. FDA on the topic of home healthcare:

  1. Deepen stakeholders’ understanding of the use environments and their remarkable variability.
  2. Coordinate multiple and recurring transitions in care to improve patient safety.
  3. Adopt a systems approach to redesign the full spectrum of healthcare in nonclinical settings.
  4. Standardize and simplify.
  5. Design with empathy.

More details about the vision for “anywhere, everywhere healthcare” that emerged from this event can be found in the official summit repo.