The Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET) will hold another CBET study group in order to help biomeds study for the certification test. Interested parties can participate via teleconference, enabling biomeds across the nation to join the study group.

Activities of the study group include reviewing qualifications and the application process, sharpening test-taking skills, and taking practice tests. Educational topics include medical equipment function and operation; fundamentals of electricity, electronics, and solid-state devices; medical equipment problem solving and fundamentals of electricity; anatomy and physiology; and safety in the health care environment.

Since 2004, CABMET has helped more than 250 people get their CBET, CRES, and CLES. In 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009, members of the study group got the nation’s highest scores on CBET, CLES, or CRES. In 2008, over half of the people in the nation that earned CBET were part of the CABMET group. And in 2009, 100 techs that received their CBET or CBET Candidacy were part of the study group.

The $60 per person, individual registration includes weekly e-mails with downloadable class materials only. This does not include the teleconference/Web.

The $200 combo package includes one individual registration as well as the teleconferencing and Web fee.

Click here to learn more about the study group and to register by the March 11 deadline—no exceptions.