For the past number of years, 24×7 has presented a survey that asks US biomeds, clinical engineers, managers, specialists, and those that cross the invisible line into IT to tell us what they love, if they’re overworked, how to solve that problem, as well as questions about salary, education, and training. We present the information in our December issue and the resulting article has become one of the most read all through the year.

We are asking those in the health care technology profession based in the United States to once again share this information—all of which is confidential. The survey is short, takes about five minutes, but the results are powerful and help gauge the changes in the industry.

One of the things that will help us present better results is, if you call yourself a biomed, or biomedical engineer, or health care technology management professional, or one of the many different names there are, please don’t write that name in. Please check one of the BMET boxes as ultimately it’s the same role.

You can access the confidential, short survey by clicking here. It is open until October 1, and when you take it, please take care in entering your salary as it is crucial to get accurate results.