The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and AVIA jointly announced on October 8 a new initiative to promote the development and use of advanced healthcare technologies. Named HX360, the initiative aims to provide “a series of solutions and services to support health systems adoption of next generation technologies.”

“While platform technologies such as the electronic medical record have set the stage for improving health care delivery via more effective data collection, these technologies have also not substantially changed the way that clinical care is delivered,” said Roy Smith, CEO of the new organization. “HX360 was created to help bring about meaningful change in clinical care delivery is using next generation technology.”

The initiative has identified eight areas of health care delivery that could immediately benefit from new technologies:

  1. Existing patient retention
  2. New patient acquisition
  3. Patient experience improvement
  4. Primary care provider efficiency
  5. Post-acute care management
  6. Care coordination for chronic conditions
  7. Mandated quality metrics improvement
  8. Supply chain optimization

HX360 is also developing the HX360 Index, a tool to help health system leaders take on challenges in health care delivery by means of new technologies. The group will also offer “exclusive, ongoing forums for health system executives to promote and test the actions and initiatives necessary to bring changes to health care delivery.” The first of these events will be HX360’s inaugural event, April 12-15, 2015 in Chicago.

For more information about HX360, visit its website.